wedding guests #2『The Rabbit's Bride』

The Rabbit's Bride (Learn Japanese by reading stories)

Again, a third time back came the rabbit, and ate away at the cabbages, until the woman said to her daughter, “Go into the garden, and drive away the rabbit.”

The Rabbit's Bride

subject with particle: ウサギが
dictionary form predicate: もどる
predicate: たべる・あらす
modifier: キャベツを

subject: じょせいが
predicate: いう
modifier: むすめに・ウサギをおいはらえと

“Shoo! Shoo!” said the maiden; “don’t eat up all our cabbages, little rabbit!”

The Rabbit's Bride

subject: むすめが
predicate: いう
modifier: ウサギに・キャベツをたべるなと

“Come, maiden,” said the rabbit, “sit on my tail and go with me to my rabbit-hutch.”

The Rabbit's Bride

subject: ウサギが
predicate: さそう
modifier: むすめを・じぶんのこやへ

And then the girl seated herself on the rabbit’s tail, and the rabbit took her to his hutch.

The Rabbit's Bride

subject: しょうじょが
predicate: のる
modifier: うさぎの・しっぽに

subject: ウサギが
predicate: つれていく
modifier: かのじょを・じぶんの・こやへ

“Now,” said he, “set to work and cook some bran and cabbge; I am going to bid the wedding guest.”

The Rabbit's Bride

predicate: りょうり・する
modifier: ふすまと・キャベツの

subject: わたしは
predicate: よぶ
modifier: ゲストを

And soon they were all collected.

The Rabbit's Bride

modifier: すぐに
subject: ゲストが
predicate: あつまる

Would you like to know who they were?

The Rabbit's Bride

subject: あなたは
predicate: しりたい?
modifier: かれらが・なにものなのか

Well, I can only tell you what was told to me; all the hares came, and the crow who was to be the parson to marry them, and the fox for the clerk, and the altar was under the rainbow.

The Rabbit's Bride

subject: あつまったのは
predicate: ノウサギたちと・ぼくしのカラスと・しょきのキツネだった

But the maiden was sad, because she was so lonely.

The Rabbit's Bride

subject: そのむすめが
predicate: かなしむ
modifier: ひとりぼっちだったから

“Get up! Get up!” said the rabbit, “the wedding folk are all merry.”

The Rabbit's Bride

subject: ウサギが
predicate: はげます
modifier: むすめを

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation