retirement allowance #1『Hans in luck』Japanese translation

Story with Japanese translation

Hans had served his master seven years, and at the end of the seventh year he said,
"Master, my time is up; I want to go home and see my mother, so give me my wages."

Hans in luck
  • subject: ハンスが
  • predicate: はたらく
  • modifier: やといぬしのために・7ねん


  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: もうしでる
  • modifier: たいしょくを・やといぬしに


"You have served me truly and faithfully," said the master; "as the service is, so must the wages be," and he gave him a lump of gold as big as his head.

Hans in luck
  • subject: やといぬしが
  • predicate: わたす
  • modifier: きんの・らんぷを・たいしょくきんとして・ハンスに


Hans pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket and tied up the lump of gold in it, hoisted it on his shoulder, and set off on his way home.

Hans in luck
  • subject: ハンスが
  • predicate: きろにつく
  • modifier: きんの・ランプを・もって


And as he was trudging along, there came in sight a man riding on a spirited horse, and looking very gay and lively.

Hans in luck
  • modifier: ハンスが・くろうして・あるいていると
  • subject: うまにのった・おとこが
  • predicate: あらわれる


"Oh!" cried Hans aloud, "how splendid riding must be! sitting as much at one's ease as in an arm-chair, stumbling over no stones, saving one's shoes, and getting on one hardly knows how!"

Hans in luck
  • subject: ハンスが
  • predicate: さけぶ
  • modifier: じょうばが・うらやましいと


The horseman heard Hans say this, and called out to him,
"Well Hans, what are you doing on foot?"

Hans in luck
  • subject: きしゅが
  • predicate: たずねる
  • modifier: ハンスに・なにをしているのか


Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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