the signal to increase speed #2『Hans in luck』

Hans in luck(Learn Japanese by reading stories)

"I can't help myself," said Hans, "I have this great lump to carry; to be sure, it is gold, but then I can't hold my head straight for it, and it hurts my shoulder."

Hans in luck

subject with particle: ハンスが
dictionary form predicate: いう
modifier: きんのランプの・ぐちを

"I'll tell you what," said the horseman, "we will change; I will give you my horse, and you shall give me your lump of gold."

Hans in luck

subject: きしゅが
predicate: ていあん・する
modifier: うまとらんぷの・こうかんを・ハンスに

"With all my heart," said Hans; "but I warn you, you will find it heavy."

Hans in luck

subject: ハンスが
predicate: どうい・する
modifier: そのこうかんに・よろこんで

And the horseman got down, took the gold, and, helping Hans up, he gave the reins into his hand.

Hans in luck

subject: きしゅが
predicate: うけとる
modifier: きんのランプを
predicate: わたす
modifier: うまの・たづなを・ハンスに

"When you want to go fast," said he, "you must click your tongue and cry 'Gee-up!'"

Hans in luck

subject: きしゅが
predicate: おしえる
modifier: ハンスに・そくどをあげるあいずを

And Hans, as he sat upon his horse, was glad at heart, and rode off with merry cheer.

Hans in luck

subject: ハンスが
predicate: はしりさる
modifier: かっさいをあげて

After a while he thought he should like to go quicker, so he began to click with his tongue and to cry "Gee-up!"

Hans in luck

modifier: すこしして
subject: ハンスが
predicate: あいず・する
modifier: そくどを・あげるために

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation