The Worth of That Cow #3『Hans in luck』

Story with Japanese translation

And the horse began to trot, and Hans was thrown before he knew what was going to happen, and there he lay in the ditch by the side of the road.

Hans in luck
  • subject: うまが
  • predicate: はやあし・はじめる


  • subject: ハンスが
  • predicate: ほうりだす


The horse would have got away but that he was caught by a peasant who was passing that way and driving a cow before him.

Hans in luck
  • subject: こさくにんが
  • predicate: つかまえる
  • modifier:うまを


And Hans pulled himself together and got upon his feet, feeling very vexed.

Hans in luck
  • subject: ハンスが
  • predicate: たちあがる


"Poor work, riding," said he, "especially on a jade like this, who starts off and throws you before you know where you are, going near to break your neck; never shall I try that game again; now, your cow is something worth having, one can jog on comfortably after her and have her milk, butter, and cheese every day, into the bargain. What would I not give to have such a cow!"

Hans in luck
  • subject: ハンスが
  • predicate: あきらめる
  • modifier: うまにのることを
  • predicate: ほめる
  • modifier: うしを・ことばをつくして


"Well now," said the peasant, "since it will be doing you such a favour, I don't mind exchanging my cow for your horse."

Hans in luck
  • subject: こさくにんが
  • predicate: ていあん・する
  • modifier: うしと・うまの・こうかんを


Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
English Story With Easy Japanese Translation

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