boast #6『Hans in luck』

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"Well, to be sure," said Hans, scratching his head.

Hans in luck

subject with particle: ハンスが
dictionary form predicate: いう

"Who would have thought it? of course it is a very handy way of getting meat when a man has a beast of his own to kill; but for my part I do not care much about cow beef, it is rather tasteless. Now, if I had but a young pig, that is much better meat, and then the sausages!"

Hans in luck

subject: わたしは
predicate: きょうみ・ない
modifier: ぎゅうにくに

modifier: ぶたにく・だったら
predicate: できる
modifier: ソーセージが

"Look here, Hans," said the butcher, "just for love of you I will exchange, and will give you my pig instead of your cow."

Hans in luck

subject: にくやが
predicate: ていあん・する
modifier: うしとぶたの・こうかんを・ハンスに

"Heaven reward such kindness!" cried Hans, and handing over the cow, received in exchange the pig, who was turned out of his wheelbarrow and was to be led by a string.

Hans in luck

subject: ハンスが
predicate: どうい・する
modifier: こうかんに・よろこんで

So on went Hans, thinking how everything turned out according to his wishes, and how, if trouble overtook him, all was sure to be set right directly.

Hans in luck

subject: ハンスが
predicate: かんがえる
modifier: なにがおきても・うまくいく

After a while he fell in with a peasant, who was carrying a fine white goose under his arm.

Hans in luck

modifier: しばらくして
subject: ハンスが
predicate: であう
modifier: ぐうぜん・こさくにんと

subject: こさくにんが
predicate: かかえる
modifier: みごとな・しろい・ガチョウを

They bid each other good-day, and Hans began to tell about his luck, and how he had made so many good exchanges.

Hans in luck

subject: かれらは
predicate: あいさつ・する
modifier: たがいに

subject: ハンスが
predicate: はなす
modifier: じぶんの・こううんについて

And the peasant told how he was taking the goose to a christening feast.

Hans in luck

subject: こさくにんが
predicate: はなす
modifier: がちょうをもって・まつりへいくと

"Just feel how heavy it is," said he, taking it up by the wings; "it has been fattening for the last eight weeks; and when it is roasted, won't the fat run down!"

Hans in luck

subject: こさくにんが
predicate: じまん・する
modifier: みごとな・がちょうを・ハンスに

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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