evil plan #6『six soldiers of fortune』

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"Now, go in there and make yourselves comfortable," said the king.

six soldiers of fortune

subject with particle: おうが
dictionary form predicate: さそう
modifier: かれらを
modifier: へやの・なかに

And when they had gone in, he had the door locked and bolted.

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: 6にんが・へやに・はいると
subject: おうが
predicate: かぎをかける
modifier: ドアに

Then he called the cook, and told him to make a big fire underneath the room, so that the iron floor of it should be red hot.

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: りょうりにんを・よんで
subject: おうが
predicate: めいじる
modifier: りょうりにんに
modifier: へやのしたに・ひをつけるよう

And the cook did so, and the six men began to feel the room growing very warm, by reason, as they thought at first, of the good dinner; but as the heat grew greater and greater, and they found the doors and windows fastened, they began to think it was an evil plan of the king's to suffocate them.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: 6にんが
predicate: かんじる
modifier: あつさを

predicate: きづく
modifier: おうの・ひどうな・けいかくに

"He shall not succeed, however," said the man with the little hat; "I will bring on a frost that shall make the fire feel ashamed of itself, and creep out of the way."

six soldiers of fortune

subject: ちいさな・ぼうしを・かぶった・おとこには
predicate: ねつへの・たいさくが・ある

So he set his hat straight on his head, and immediately there came such a frost that all the heat passed away and the food froze in the dishes.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: かれが
predicate: かぶる
modifier: ぼうしを・まっすぐに

subject: かんきが
predicate: やってくる

After an hour or two had passed, and the king thought they must have all perished in the heat, he caused the door to be opened, and went himself to see how they fared.

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: 1,2じかん・あとに
subject: おうが
predicate: あける・たしかめる
modifier: かれらの・まつろを

And when the door flew back, there they were all six quite safe and sound, and they said they were quite ready to come out, so that they might warm themselves, for the great cold of that room had caused the food to freeze in the dishes.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: 6にんは
predicate: ぶじ

Full of wrath, the king went to the cook and scolded him, and asked why he had not done as he was ordered.

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: げきどして
subject: おうが
predicate: しかる
modifier: りょうりにんを

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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