good ending #8『six soldiers of fortune』

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"I will not look too closely," said he, "but take what I can get, so long as the sack is full."

six soldiers of fortune


And when all was put in there was still plenty of room.

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: すべてを・いれても
subject with particle: じゅうぶんな・くうかんが
dictionary form predicate: のこる
modifier: まだ

"I must make an end of this," he said; "if it is not full, it is so much the easier to tie up."

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: いっぱいでなければ
subject: むすぶことは
predicate: かんたん・になる

And he hoisted it on his back, and went off with his comrades.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: かれは
predicate: せおう
modifier: それを
predicate: たちさる

When the king saw all the wealth of his realm carried off by a single man he was full of wrath, and he bade his cavalry mount, and follow after the six men, and take the sack away from the strong man.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: おうが
predicate: げきど・する

predicate: めいじる
modifier: きへいたいに・ふくろをうばうよう

Two regiments were soon up to them, and called them to consider themselves prisoners, and to deliver up the sack, or be cut in pieces.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: 2れんたいが
predicate: おいつく
modifier: 6にんに

predicate: めいじる
modifier: ふくろの・ひきわたしを

"Prisoners, say you?" said the man who could blow, "suppose you first have a little dance together in the air," and holding one nostril, and blowing through the other, he sent the regiments flying head over heels, over the hills and far away.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: ブロワーが
predicate: ふきとばす
modifier: 2れんたいを・そらたかく

But a sergeant who had nine wounds and was a brave fellow, begged not to be put to so much shame.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: ぐんそうが
predicate: たすけを・もとめる

And the blower let him down easily, so that he came to no harm, and he bade him go to the king and tell him that whatever regiments he liked to send more should be blown away just the same.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: ブロワーが
predicate: おろす
modifier: かれを

predicate: めいじる
modifier: おうに・つたえるように
modifier: れんたいを・おくることは・むだだと

And the king, when he got the message, said,

six soldiers of fortune

subject: おうが
predicate: うけとる
modifier: そのメッセージを

"Let the fellows be; they have some right on their side."

six soldiers of fortune


So the six comrades carried home their treasure, divided it among them, and lived contented till they died.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: 6にんが
predicate: もちかえる
modifier: ざいほうを・こきょうに

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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