outlaw #4『The Jungle Book』

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Shere Khan was the tiger who lived near the Waingunga River, twenty miles away.

The Jungle Book

subject: シア・カーンは
predicate: 20マイル・はなれたところに・すむ・トラ

“He has no right!” Father Wolf began angrily—

The Jungle Book


“By the Law of the Jungle he has no right to change his quarters without due warning.

The Jungle Book

subject: かれは
predicate: けんりが・ない
modifier: かりばを・かえる

He will frighten every head of game within ten miles, and I—I have to kill for two, these days.”

The Jungle Book

subject: かれは
predicate: こわがる・させる
modifier: ふきんの・どうぶつを

“His mother did not call him Lungri [the Lame One] for nothing,” said Mother Wolf quietly.

The Jungle Book

subject: シア・カーンの・ははおやが・かれを・ルングリと・よぶのは
predicate: りゆうが・ある

“He has been lame in one foot from his birth.

The Jungle Book

subject: かれは
predicate: かたあしが・ふじゆう
modifier: うまれつき

That is why he has only killed cattle.

The Jungle Book

subject: それが
predicate: かれが・かちくだけ・かる・りゆう

Now the villagers of the Waingunga are angry with him, and he has come here to make our villagers angry. 

The Jungle Book

because: じもとの・にんげんを・おこらせたから
subject: シアカーンは
predicate: こちらに・くる

They will scour the jungle for him when he is far away, and we and our children must run when the grass is set alight.

The Jungle Book

subject: ははおや・オオカミが
predicate: いう
modifier: シアカーンの・いどうが・めいわく

Indeed, we are very grateful to Shere Khan!”

The Jungle Book


“Shall I tell him of your gratitude?” said Tabaqui.

The Jungle Book

subject: わたしが
predicate: つたえる
modifier: かれに・かんしゃを

“Out!” snapped Father Wolf.

The Jungle Book

subject: ちちおや・オオカミが
predicate: いかく・する

“Out and hunt with thy master. Thou hast done harm enough for one night.”

The Jungle Book


“I go,” said Tabaqui quietly.

The Jungle Book


“Ye can hear Shere Khan below in the thickets.

The Jungle Book


I might have saved myself the message.”

The Jungle Book


Reference : The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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