Humming for Men #5『The Jungle Book』

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Father Wolf listened, and below in the valley that ran down to a little river he heard the dry, angry, snarly, singsong whine of a tiger who has caught nothing and does not care if all the jungle knows it.

The Jungle Book

subject with particle: ちちおや・オオカミが
dictionary form predicate: みみをすます

modifier: たにそこで
subject: トラの・こえが
predicate: きこえる

“The fool!” said Father Wolf. “To begin a night’s work with that noise! Does he think that our buck are like his fat Waingunga bullocks?”

The Jungle Book

subject: ちちおや・オオカミが
predicate: ひなん・する
modifier: さわがしい・トラのかり

“H’sh. It is neither bullock nor buck he hunts to-night,” said Mother Wolf. “It is Man.”

The Jungle Book

subject: えものは
predicate: にんげん

subject: ははおや・オオカミが
predicate: いう

The whine had changed to a sort of humming purr that seemed to come from every quarter of the compass.

The Jungle Book

subject: トラの・こえの・しゅるいが
predicate: かわる

It was the noise that bewilders woodcutters and gypsies sleeping in the open, and makes them run sometimes into the very mouth of the tiger.

The Jungle Book

subject: きこり・ジプシーは
predicate: とうわく・する
modifier: そのおとに

predicate: はしる
modifier: トラのもとへ

“Man!” said Father Wolf, showing all his white teeth. “Faugh! Are there not enough beetles and frogs in the tanks that he must eat Man, and on our ground too!”

The Jungle Book

subject: こうちゅう・カエルが
predicate: たりない

Reference : The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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