observation of a man’s cub #8『The Jungle Book』

Story with Japanese translation

A Wolf accustomed to moving his own cubs can, if necessary, mouth an egg without breaking it, and though Father Wolf’s jaws closed right on the child’s back not a tooth even scratched the skin as he laid it down among the cubs.

The Jungle Book
  • subject: ちちおや・オオカミが
  • predicate: くわえる
  • modifier: あかんぼうを・きずつけることなく


  • predicate: おろす
  • modifier: じぶんの・こどもたちの・なかに


“How little! How naked, and—how bold!” said Mother Wolf softly.

The Jungle Book
  • subject: ははおや・オオカミが
  • predicate: かんさつ・する
  • modifier: あかんぼうを


The baby was pushing his way between the cubs to get close to the warm hide.

The Jungle Book
  • subject: あかんぼうが
  • predicate: おしのける
  • modifier: オオカミの・こどもたちを


“Ahai! He is taking his meal with the others. And so this is a man’s cub. Now, was there ever a wolf that could boast of a man’s cub among her children?”

The Jungle Book
  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: しょくじ・する
  • modifier: こどもたちと・いっしょに


“I have heard now and again of such a thing, but never in our Pack or in my time,” said Father Wolf.

The Jungle Book


“He is altogether without hair, and I could kill him with a touch of my foot. But see, he looks up and is not afraid.”

The Jungle Book
  • subject: かれは
  • predicate: むぼうび・こわがる


The moonlight was blocked out of the mouth of the cave, for Shere Khan’s great square head and shoulders were thrust into the entrance.

The Jungle Book
  • subject: シア・カーンの・からだが
  • predicate: さえぎる
  • modifier: どうくつのいりぐちで・つきあかりを


Tabaqui, behind him, was squeaking: “My lord, my lord, it went in here!”

The Jungle Book


Reference : The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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