Kwaidan #1『A Dead Secret』Japanese translation

Story with Japanese translation

A long time ago, in the province of Tamba, there lived a rich merchant named Inamuraya Gensuke.

A Dead Secret
  • modifier: むかし・タンバのくにに
  • subject: ゆうふくな・しょうにんが
  • predicate: すむ


He had a daughter called O-Sono.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かれには
  • predicate: むすめが・いる
  • modifier: オソノという


As she was very clever and pretty, he thought it would be a pity to let her grow up with only such teaching as the country-teachers could give her:

A Dead Secret
  • as: かのじょが・りこうだったので
  • subject: かれは
  • predicate: おしい・かんがえる
  • modifier: かのじょを・いなかのきょういくで・そだてるのが


so he sent her, in care of some trusty attendants, to Kyoto, that she might be trained in the polite accomplishments taught to the ladies of the capital.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かれは
  • predicate: おくる
  • modifier: むすめを・きょうとに


  • predicate: まなぶ・しえき
  • modifier: しゅとの・きょうようを


After she had thus been educated, she was married to a friend of her father's family—a merchant named Nagaraya;—and she lived happily with him for nearly four years.

A Dead Secret
  • after: きょういくを・うけたあと
  • subject: かのじょは
  • predicate: けっこん・する
  • modifier: ナガラヤという・しょうにんと


They had one child,—a boy. But O-Sono fell ill and died, in the fourth year after her marriage.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かれらには
  • predicate: ひとりむすこが・いる


  • subject: オソノが
  • predicate: なくなる
  • modifier: やまいで・けっこんよねんめに


Reference : Kwaidan by Lafcadio Hearn (project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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