a shadow on water #2『A Dead Secret』

Story with Japanese translation

On the night after the funeral of O-Sono, her little son said that his mamma had come back, and was in the room upstairs.

A Dead Secret
  • modifier: オソノの・そうぎが・おわった・よるに
  • subject: かのじょの・おさない・むすこが
  • predicate: みる
  • modifier: かれの・ははおやを


She had smiled at him, but would not talk to him: so he became afraid, and ran away.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かのじょの・むすこが
  • predicate: はなす
  • modifier: ははおやを・みたことを・おとなに


Then some of the family went upstairs to the room which had been O-Sono’s;

A Dead Secret
  • subject: いちぞくの・すうにんが
  • predicate: いく
  • modifier: オソノの・へやへ


and they were startled to see, by the light of a small lamp which had been kindled before a shrine in that room, the figure of the dead mother.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かれらが
  • predicate: おどろく
  • modifier: オソノの・すがたを・みて


She appeared as if standing in front of a tansu, or chest of drawers, that still contained her ornaments and her wearing-apparel.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かのじょが
  • predicate: みえる
  • modifier: じぶんのものが・はいった・タンスのまえに・いるように


Her head and shoulders could be very distinctly seen; but from the waist downwards the figure thinned into invisibility;—it was like an imperfect reflection of her, and transparent as a shadow on water.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かのじょは
  • predicate: かはんしんが・すけた・すがた


Reference : Kwaidan by Lafcadio Hearn (project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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