empty tansu #3『A Dead Secret』

Story with Japanese translation

Then the folk were afraid, and left the room.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: ひとびとが
  • predicate: こわがる・にげる


Below they consulted together; and the mother of O-Sono's husband said:

A Dead Secret
  • subject: オソノの・おっとの・ははおやが
  • predicate: いう


"A woman is fond of her small things; and O-Sono was much attached to her belongings.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: オソノは
  • predicate: じぶんの・もちものが・だいじ


Perhaps she has come back to look at them.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かのじょが
  • predicate: みにくる
  • modifier: じぶんの・もちものを


Many dead persons will do that,—unless the things be given to the parish-temple.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: ししゃたちの・おおくが
  • predicate: おなじこうどうを・とる


If we present O-Sono's robes and girdles to the temple, her spirit will probably find rest."

A Dead Secret
  • if: オソノの・もちものを・おてらに・おさめたら
  • subject: かのじょの・れいが
  • predicate: やすらぐ


It was agreed that this should be done as soon as possible.

A Dead Secret
  • predicate: おさめる
  • modifier: おてらに
  • modifier: オソノの・もちものを


So on the following morning the drawers were emptied; and all of O-Sono's ornaments and dresses were taken to the temple.

A Dead Secret
  • modifier: よくあさ
  • predicate: もっていく
  • modifier: タンスのなかみ・すべてを・だんなでらに


But she came back the next night, and looked at the tansu as before.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かのじょが
  • predicate: もどる・みる
  • modifier: タンスを
  • modifier: つぎのよるも


And she came back also on the night following, and the night after that, and every night;—and the house became a house of fear.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かのじょが
  • predicate: もどってくる
  • modifier: まいばん


Reference : Kwaidan by Lafcadio Hearn (project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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