wistful face #4『A Dead Secret』

Story with Japanese translation

The mother of O-Sono's husband then went to the parish-temple, and told the chief priest all that had happened, and asked for ghostly counsel.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: オソノの・しゅうとめが
  • predicate: きく・いく
  • modifier: じょげんを・おしょうさんに


The temple was a Zen temple; and the head-priest was a learned old man, known as Daigen Osho. He said:

A Dead Secret
  • subject: じょげんしたのは
  • predicate: だいげん・おしょう
  • modifier: オソノの・しゅうとめに


"There must be something about which she is anxious, in or near that tansu."

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かのじょには・きがかりな・ことが
  • predicate: ある


"But we emptied all the drawers," replied the woman;—"there is nothing in the tansu."

A Dead Secret
  • subject: タンスは
  • predicate: からっぽ


"Well," said Daigen Osho, "to-night I shall go to your house, and keep watch in that room, and see what can be done.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: ダイゲンおしょうが
  • predicate: みにいく
  • modifier: そのへやを


You must give orders that no person shall enter the room while I am watching, unless I call."

A Dead Secret
  • subject: だれひとり
  • predicate: はいる・ひてい
  • modifier: そのへやに
  • while: わたしが・みているあいだ


After sundown, Daigen Osho went to the house, and found the room made ready for him.

A Dead Secret
  • modifier: ひが・くれた・あと
  • subject: ダイゲン・おしょうが
  • predicate: いく
  • modifier: そのいえに


He remained there alone, reading the sutras; and nothing appeared until after the Hour of the Rat.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: なにも
  • predicate: あらわれる・ひてい
  • until: ごぜん・1じすぎまで


Then the figure of O-Sono suddenly outlined itself in front of the tansu.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: オソノの・すがたが
  • predicate: うかぶ
  • modifier: タンスのまえに・とつぜん


Her face had a wistful look; and she kept her eyes fixed upon the tansu.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かのじょは
  • predicate: せつない・ひょうじょう


  • predicate: みつめる
  • modifier: そのタンスを


Reference : Kwaidan by Lafcadio Hearn (project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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