hidden letter #5『A Dead Secret』

Story with Japanese translation

The priest uttered the holy formula prescribed in such cases, and then, addressing the figure by the kaimyo of O-Sono, said:

A Dead Secret
  • subject: ダイゲンおしょうが
  • predicate: はなしかける
  • modifier: ゆうれいに


"I have come here in order to help you.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: わたしは
  • predicate: たすける
  • modifier: あなたを


Perhaps in that tansu there is something about which you have reason to feel anxious.

A Dead Secret
  • modifier: そのタンスに
  • subject: なにか・しんぱいなことが
  • predicate: ある


Shall I try to find it for you?"

A Dead Secret
  • subject: おしょうが
  • predicate: ていあん・する
  • modifier: オソノのかわりに・さがす


The shadow appeared to give assent by a slight motion of the head; and the priest, rising, opened the top drawer. It was empty.

A Dead Secret
  • modifier: オソノの・りょうかいを・えて
  • subject: おしょうが
  • predicate: あける
  • modifier: ひきだしを


Successively he opened the second, the third, and the fourth drawer;—he searched carefully behind them and beneath them;—he carefully examined the interior of the chest.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かれは
  • predicate: しらべる
  • modifier: ねんいりに
  • modifier: タンスの・ないぶを


He found nothing. But the figure remained gazing as wistfully as before.

A Dead Secret


"What can she want?" thought the priest.

A Dead Secret


Suddenly it occurred to him that there might be something hidden under the paper with which the drawers were lined.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: ひらめく
  • modifier: ひきだしの・うちばりのしたに・なにかが・あるかもしれない


He removed the lining of the first drawer:—nothing!

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: はがす
  • modifier: いちばんめの・ひきだしの・うちばりを


He removed the lining of the second and third drawers:—still nothing.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: はがす
  • modifier: にばんめ・さんばんめの・ひきだしの・うちばりも


But under the lining of the lowermost drawer he found—a letter.

A Dead Secret
  • modifier: いちばんしたの・ひきだしの・うちばりの・したに
  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: みつける
  • modifier: てがみを


"Is this the thing about which you have been troubled?" he asked.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: これが
  • predicate: あなたの・しんぱいごと


The shadow of the woman turned toward him,—her faint gaze fixed upon the letter.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: オソノが
  • predicate: みつめる
  • modifier: てがみを


"Shall I burn it for you?" he asked.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: わたしが
  • predicate: もやす
  • modifier: てがみを


She bowed before him.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: オソノが
  • predicate: おじぎする


"It shall be burned in the temple this very morning," he promised;—"and no one shall read it, except myself."

A Dead Secret
  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: やくそく・する
  • modifier: だれにも・てがみを・よませない


The figure smiled and vanished.

A Dead Secret
  • subject: オソノは
  • predicate: ほほえむ・すがたをけす


Reference : Kwaidan by Lafcadio Hearn (project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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