filial son #5『A Christmas Mistake』

A Christmas Mistake (Learn Japanese by reading stories)

"Don't cry, children, you make me feel worse.

A Christmas Mistake

dictionary form predicate: なく

We are not the only ones who will have to do without a Christmas turkey.

A Christmas Mistake

subject with particle: ターキーなしで・すごす・かぞくは
predicate: わたしたちだけ・ではない
modifier: クリスマスに

We ought to be very thankful that we have anything to eat at all.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: わたしたちは
predicate: かんしゃ・する
modifier: たべるものがある・ことに

I hate to disappoint you, but it can't be helped."

A Christmas Mistake

subject: ターキーが・ないことは
predicate: しかたない

"Never mind, Mother," said Keith, comfortingly, relaxing his hold upon the porch door, whereupon it suddenly flew open and precipitated Teddy, who had been tugging at the handle, heels over head backwards.

A Christmas Mistake

predicate: きにする

subject: キースが
predicate: なぐさめる

"We know you've done your best.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: わたしたちは
predicate: わかる
modifier: あなたが・さいぜんを・つくした・ことを

It's been a hard year for you.

A Christmas Mistake

predicate: たいへんな・いちねん


Just wait, though.

A Christmas Mistake

predicate: まつ

I'll soon be grown up, and then you and these greedy youngsters shall feast on turkey every day of the year.

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: わたしが・おとなに・なったら
subject: かあさんと・きょうだいたちは
predicate: たべる
modifier: ターキーを

Hello, Teddy, have you got on your feet again? Mind, sir, no more blubbering!"

A Christmas Mistake

predicate: なく

Reference : Short Stories by L. M. Montgomery(project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation