absent-minded man #8『A Christmas Mistake』

A Christmas Mistake (Learn Japanese by reading stories)

"Yesterday," said Gordon, chuckling over the remembrance, "he came in with a big piece of paper he'd picked up on the entry floor in one hand and his hat in the other—and he stuffed his hat into the coal-scuttle and hung up the paper on a nail as grave as you please.

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: きのう
subject with particle: せんせいが
dictionary form predicate: やってくる
modifier: かたてに・しへんを・もって
modifier: もうかたてに・ぼうしを・もって

subject: かれは
predicate: いれる
modifier: ぼうしを・せきたんバケツに
predicate: つるす
modifier: しへんを・くぎに

Never knew the difference till Ned Slocum went and told him.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: かれは
predicate: きづく
modifier: まちがいに

He's always doing things like that."

A Christmas Mistake

subject: かれは
predicate: いつも・こんなちょうしだ

Keith had collected his books and now marched his brothers and sisters off to school.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: キースは
predicate: いく
modifier: きょうだいたちを・がっこうに

Left alone with the baby, Mrs. Grant betook herself to her work with a heavy heart.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: ミセス・グラントは
predicate: ぼっとう・する
modifier: しごとに

But a second interruption broke the progress of her dish-washing.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: しごとの・てが
predicate: とまる

"I declare," she said, with a surprised glance through the window, "if there isn't that absent-minded schoolteacher coming through the yard! What can he want? Dear me, I do hope Teddy hasn't been cutting capers in school again."

A Christmas Mistake

subject: かのじょは
predicate: おどろく

subject: うちのにわを・とおっているのは
predicate: れいの・せんせいではありませんか

subject: かれは
predicate: なにを・する

Reference : Short Stories by L. M. Montgomery(project gutenberg)
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