the cold relationship #12『A Christmas Mistake』

A Christmas Mistake (Learn Japanese by reading stories)

Mrs. Grant and Cornelia Millar were cousins, and had once been the closest of friends, but that was years ago, before some spiteful reports and ill-natured gossip had come between them, making only a little rift at first that soon widened into a chasm of coldness and alienation. Therefore this invitation surprised Mrs. Grant greatly.

A Christmas Mistake

subject with particle: ミセス・グラントとコーネリア・ミラーは
dictionary form predicate: いとこ

subject: かのじょたちは
predicate: わかれる
modifier: すうねんまえに・なかがわるくなり

Miss Cornelia was a maiden lady of certain years, with a comfortable bank account and a handsome, old-fashioned house on the hill behind the village.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: ミス・コーネリアは
predicate: みこん・ゆうふく・いえがある

She always boarded the schoolteachers and looked after them maternally; she was an active church worker and a tower of strength to struggling ministers and their families.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: かのじょは
predicate: えんじょ・する
modifier: いつも・きょうしを

"If Cornelia has seen fit at last to hold out the hand of reconciliation I'm glad enough to take it.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: わたしは
predicate: うけいれる
modifier: コーネリアの・わかいを・よろこんで

Dear knows, I've wanted to make up often enough, but I didn't think she ever would.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: わたしは
predicate: おもわない
modifier: なかなおりする

We've both of us got too much pride and stubbornness.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: わたしたちは
predicate: ごうじょう

It's the Turner blood in us that does it.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: それは
predicate: とくちょう
modifier: ターナーいちぞくの

The Turners were all so set.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: いちぞくは
predicate: みんな・ごうじょう

But I mean to do my part now she has done hers."

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: かのじょが・ゆうきをだしたのだから
predicate: こんどは・わたしのばん

And Mrs. Grant made a final attack on the dishes with a beaming face.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: ミセス・グラントは
predicate: おわらせる
modifier: えがおで・さらあらいを

Reference : Short Stories by L. M. Montgomery(project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation