Strange Case #4『The Old Man in the Corner』

Story with Japanese translation

"And yet," she remarked kindly but authoritatively, "this article, in an otherwise well-informed journal, will tell you that, even within the last year, no fewer than six crimes have completely baffled the police, and the perpetrators of them are still at large."

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: かのじょが
  • predicate: かれに・つたえる
  • modifier: みかいけつの・はんざいが・おおいことを


"Pardon me," he said gently, "I never for a moment ventured to suggest that there were no mysteries to the police; I merely remarked that there were none where intelligence was brought to bear upon the investigation of crime."

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: かれの・はつげんの・いとは
  • predicate: はんざいそうさに・ちせいが・いかされていない


"Not even in the Fenchurch Street mystery. I suppose," she asked sarcastically.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: かのじょが
  • predicate: たずねる
  • modifier: フェンチャーチ・ストリート・ミステリーにも・なぞがないのかと


"Least of all in the so-called Fenchurch Street mystery," he replied quietly.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: しゅちょう・する
  • modifier: そのじけんにも・ちせいがいかされていない


Now the Fenchurch Street mystery, as that extraordinary crime had popularly been called, had puzzled—as Polly well knew—the brains of every thinking man and woman for the last twelve months.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • modifier: フェンチャーチ・ストリート・ミステリーという・きみょうな・はんざいに
  • subject: ひとびとは
  • predicate: あたまをなやます
  • modifier: 12かげつかん


It had puzzled her not inconsiderably; she had been interested, fascinated; she had studied the case, formed her own theories, thought about it all often and often, had even written one or two letters to the Press on the subject—suggesting, arguing, hinting at possibilities and probabilities, adducing proofs which other amateur detectives were equally ready to refute.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: かのじょも
  • predicate: きょうみをもつ・ちょうさする
  • modifier: そのミステリーに


  • subject: かのじょは
  • predicate: いっかげんを・もつ
  • modifier: そのじけんに


Reference : The Old Man in the Corner by Baroness Orczy (project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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