secret plan #6『The Old Man in the Corner』

Story with Japanese translation

"It appears that on the 10th of December, at about three o'clock in the afternoon, Karl Müller, the German, called on his friend, William Kershaw, for the purpose of collecting a small debt—some ten pounds or so—which the latter owed him.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • modifier: じゅうにがつ・とおか・ごごさんじごろ
  • subject: どいつじんの・カール・ミュラーが
  • predicate: ほうもん・する
  • modifier: ゆうじんの・ウイリアム・カーショーを
  • modifier: しゃっきんの・とりたてに


On arriving at the squalid lodging in Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, he found William Kershaw in a wild state of excitement, and his wife in tears.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • modifier: ミュラーが・やどに・とうちゃくすると
  • subject: カーショーは
  • predicate: こうふん
  • subject: かれの・つまは
  • predicate: なく


Müller attempted to state the object of his visit, but Kershaw, with wild gestures, waved him aside, and—in his own words—flabbergasted him by asking him point-blank for another loan of two pounds, which sum, he declared, would be the means of a speedy fortune for himself and the friend who would help him in his need.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • modifier: そのとき
  • subject: カーショーが
  • predicate: もうしこむ
  • modifier: ミュラーに・あらたなしゃっきんを


"After a quarter of an hour spent in obscure hints, Kershaw, finding the cautious German obdurate, decided to let him into the secret plan, which, he averred, would place thousands into their hands."

The Old Man in the Corner
  • modifier: ミュラーが・りょうしょうしないので
  • subject: カーショーは
  • predicate: うちあける
  • modifier: おおもうけする・ひみつの・けいかくを


Reference : The Old Man in the Corner by Baroness Orczy (project gutenberg)
English Story With Easy Japanese Translation

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