out of the country #7『The Old Man in the Corner』

Story with Japanese translation

Instinctively Polly had put down her paper; the mild stranger, with his nervous air and timid, watery eyes, had a peculiar way of telling his tale, which somehow fascinated her.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: ポリーが
  • predicate: ひきこまれる
  • modifier: そのおとこの・はなしに


"I don't know," he resumed, "if you remember the story which the German told to the police, and which was corroborated in every detail by the wife or widow.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: さいかい・する
  • modifier: フェンチャーチ・ストリート・ミステリーの・はなしを


Briefly it was this: Some thirty years previously, Kershaw, then twenty years of age, and a medical student at one of the London hospitals, had a chum named Barker, with whom he roomed, together with another.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • modifier: 30ねんまえ・20さいのとき・
  • subject: カーショーが
  • predicate: どうきょ・する
  • modifier: バーカーと・もうひとりと


"The latter, so it appears, brought home one evening a very considerable sum of money, which he had won on the turf, and the following morning he was found murdered in his bed.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • modifier: あるばん
  • subject: バーカーではない・どうきょにんが
  • predicate: もちかえる
  • modifier: たいきんを


  • modifier: よくじつ
  • predicate: はっけん・される
  • modifier: かれが・しんでいるのが


Kershaw, fortunately for himself, was able to prove a conclusive alibi; he had spent the night on duty at the hospital; as for Barker, he had disappeared, that is to say, as far as the police were concerned, but not as far as the watchful eyes of his friend Kershaw were able to spy—at least, so the latter said.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • modifier: さいわいにも
  • subject: カーショーは
  • predicate: アリバイが・ある


  • subject: バーカーは
  • predicate: ゆくえをくらます


  • subject: カーショーは
  • predicate: かれを・みつける


Barker very cleverly contrived to get away out of the country, and, after sundry vicissitudes, finally settled down at Vladivostok, in Eastern Siberia, where, under the assumed name of Smethurst, he built up an enormous fortune by trading in furs.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: バーカーが
  • predicate: にげる
  • modifier: こくがいへ


  • predicate: せいこう・する
  • modifier: ウラジオストクで・けがわのぼうえきで


Reference : The Old Man in the Corner by Baroness Orczy (project gutenberg)
English Story With Easy Japanese Translation

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