the Siberian millionaire #8『The Old Man in the Corner』

Story with Japanese translation

"Now, mind you, every one knows Smethurst, the Siberian millionaire.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: スメサーストは
  • predicate: ゆうめいじん


Kershaw's story that he had once been called Barker, and had committed a murder thirty years ago, was never proved, was it?

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: スメサーストと・バーカーが・どういつじんぶつだと
  • predicate: しょうめい・されない


I am merely telling you what Kershaw said to his friend the German and to his wife on that memorable afternoon of December the 10th.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: それは
  • predicate: カーショーの・しゅちょう
  • modifier: たんなる


"According to him Smethurst had made one gigantic mistake in his clever career—he had on four occasions written to his late friend, William Kershaw.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • modifier: カーショーによると
  • subject: スメサーストは
  • predicate: しっぱい・する


  • subject: かれが
  • predicate: てがみを・おくる
  • modifier: カーショーに・4つう


Two of these letters had no bearing on the case, since they were written more than twenty-five years ago, and Kershaw, moreover, had lost them—so he said—long ago.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: 2つうの・てがみは
  • predicate: むかんけい
  • modifier: このけんに


According to him, however, the first of these letters was written when Smethurst, alias Barker, had spent all the money he had obtained from the crime, and found himself destitute in New York.

The Old Man in the Corner
  • subject: さいしょの・てがみが
  • predicate: かんけいする
  • modifier: カーショーの・しゅちょうに


Reference : The Old Man in the Corner by Baroness Orczy (project gutenberg)
English Story With Easy Japanese Translation

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