Cook #1『Clever Grethel』

Clever Grethel (Learn Japanese by reading stories)

There was once a cook called Grethel, who wore shoes with red heels, and when she went out in them she gave herself great airs, and thought herself very fine indeed.

Clever Grethel

modifier: むかし
subject with particle: グレーテルというなまえの・りょうりにんが
dictionary form predicate: いる

When she came home again, she would take a drink of wine to refresh herself, and as that gave her an appetite, she would take some of the best of whatever she was cooking, until she had had enough;—"for," said she, "a cook must know how things taste."

Clever Grethel

modifier: きたくしたとき
subject: かのじょは
predicate: のむ・しゅうかん
modifier: ワインを

modifier: ワインを・のむと・しょくよくが・わくので
subject: かのじょは
predicate: たべる・しゅうかん
modifier: じぶんのりょうりを

Now it happened that one day her master said to her,—
"Grethel, I expect a guest this evening; you must make ready a pair of fowls."

Clever Grethel

modifier: あるひ
subject: かのじょの・やといぬしが
predicate: つげる
modifier: かのじょに・らいきゃくよていを
predicate: ちゅうもん・する
modifier: りょうりを

"Certainly, sir, I will," answered Grethel.

Clever Grethel

subject: グレーテルは
predicate: しょうち・する
modifier: それを

So she killed the fowls, cleaned them, and plucked them, and put them on the spit , and then, as evening drew near, placed them before the fire to roast.

Clever Grethel

subject: かのじょは
predicate: じゅんび・する
modifier: とりにくを

subject: かのじょは
predicate: ひにかける
modifier: りょうりを・ゆうがたごろに

And they began to be brown, and were nearly done, but the guest had not come.

Clever Grethel

subject: おきゃくが
predicate: あらわれる
modifier: りょうりが・やきあがりそうになっても

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation