predicament #7『Hans in luck』

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"Yes, indeed," said Hans, weighing it in his hand, "very fine to be sure; but my pig is not to be despised."

Hans in luck

subject with particle: ハンスが
dictionary form predicate: みとめる
modifier: ガチョウが・みごとなことを

predicate: じまん・する
modifier: じぶんの・ぶたのことも

Upon which the peasant glanced cautiously on all sides, and shook his head.

Hans in luck

subject: こさくにんが
predicate: みる
modifier: しゅういを・ようじんぶかく

"I am afraid," said he, "that there is something not quite right about your pig. In the village I have just left one had actually been stolen from the bailiff's yard. I fear, I fear you have it in your hand; they have sent after the thief, and it would be a bad look-out for you if it was found upon you; the least that could happen would be to be thrown into a dark hole."

Hans in luck

subject: こさくにんが
predicate: けいこく・する
modifier: ハンスに

modifier: ちかくで
subject: ブタが
predicate: ぬすむ
subject: はんにんが
predicate: おう

Poor Hans grew pale with fright.

Hans in luck

subject: ハンスが
predicate: あおざめる
modifier: きょうふで

"For heaven's sake," said he, "help me out of this scrape, I am a stranger in these parts; take my pig and give me your goose."

Hans in luck

subject: ハンスが
predicate: こんがん・する
modifier: ぶたとガチョウの・こうかんを

"It will be running some risk," answered the man, "but I will do it sooner than that you should come to grief."

Hans in luck

subject: こさくにんが
predicate: ききいれる
modifier: はんすの・たのみを

And so, taking the cord in his hand, he drove the pig quickly along a by-path, and lucky Hans went on his way home with the goose under his arm.

Hans in luck

subject: こさくにんが
predicate: つれて・いく
modifier: ブタを

subject: ハンスが
predicate: すすむ
modifier: ガチョウを・かかえて・かえりみちを

"The more I think of it," said he to himself, "the better the bargain seems; first I get the roast goose; then the fat; that will last a whole year for bread and dripping; and lastly the beautiful white feathers which I can stuff my pillow with; how comfortably I shall sleep upon it, and how pleased my mother will be!"

Hans in luck

subject: ハンスが
predicate: よろこぶ
modifier: ブタとガチョウを・こうかんしたことを

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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