unsatisfactory result #1『six soldiers of fortune』

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There was once a man who was a Jack-of-all-trades; he had served in the war, and had been brave and bold, but at the end of it he was sent about his business, with three farthings and his discharge.

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: むかし
subject with particle: なんでもやの・おとこが
dictionary form predicate: いる・はたらく
modifier: せんそうで

modifier: せんそうが・おわって
subject: ほうしゅうが
predicate: こうか3まいと・じょたいしょうめいしょ

"I am not going to stand this," said he; "wait till I find the right man to help me, and the king shall give me all the treasures of his kingdom before he has done with me."

six soldiers of fortune

subject: かれが
predicate: なっとく・する
modifier: ほうしゅうに

Then, full of wrath, he went into the forest, and he saw one standing there by six trees which he had rooted up as if they had been stalks of corn.

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: もりに・はいって
subject: かれが
predicate: であう
modifier: きぎを・たやすく・ひきぬく・おとこに

And he said to him,
"Will you be my man, and come along with me?"

six soldiers of fortune

subject: かれが
predicate: さそう
modifier: そのおとこを・なかまに

"All right," answered he; "I must just take this bit of wood home to my father and mother."

six soldiers of fortune

subject: そのおとこが
predicate: さそいに・おうじる

And taking one of the trees, he bound it round the other five, and putting the faggot on his shoulder, he carried it off; then soon coming back, he went along with his leader, who said,
"Two such as we can stand against the whole world."

six soldiers of fortune

subject: おとこが
predicate: せおう
modifier: 6ほんの・きを

predicate: くわわる
modifier: かれの・なかまに

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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