winner #5『six soldiers of fortune』

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"The day is mine," said she with much joy, and she emptied his pitcher and hastened on.

six soldiers of fortune

subject with particle: おうじょが
dictionary form predicate: おおよろこび

subject: かのじょが
predicate: あける
modifier: かれの・ピッチャーを
predicate: さきを・いそぐ

And now all had been lost but for the huntsman who was standing on the castle wall, and with his keen eyes saw all that happened.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: ハンツマンが
predicate: みる
modifier: いちぶしじゅうを

"We must not be outdone by the king's daughter," said he, and he loaded his rifle and took so good an aim that he shot the horse's skull from under the runner's head without doing him any harm.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: ハンツマンが
predicate: うつ
modifier: ランナーの・あたまのしたの・うまのずがいこつを
modifier: ライフルで

And the runner awoke and jumped up, and saw his pitcher standing empty and the king's daughter far on her way home.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: ランナーが
predicate: とびおきる・きづく
modifier: からのピッチャーと・とおざかるおうじょに

But, not losing courage, he ran swiftly to the brook, filled it again with water, and for all that, he got home ten minutes before the king's daughter.

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: らくたん・することなく
subject: かれが
predicate: はしる・みたす・かえりつく

"Look you," said he; "this is the first time I have really stretched my legs; before it was not worth the name of running."

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: はじめて
subject: わたしが
predicate: こくし・する
modifier: じぶんの・あしを

The king was vexed, and his daughter yet more so, that she should be beaten by a discharged common soldier; and they took counsel together how they might rid themselves of him and of his companions at the same time.

six soldiers of fortune

modifier: かいこした・いっぱんへいに・まけて
subject: おうと・おうじょが
predicate: いらだつ

"I have a plan," said the king; "do not fear but that we shall be quit of them for ever."

six soldiers of fortune

subject: わたしは
predicate: けいかく・がある
modifier: かれらと・えんをきる

Then he went out to the men and bade them to feast and be merry and eat and drink; and he led them into a room, which had a floor of iron, and the doors were iron, the windows had iron frames and bolts; in the room was a table set out with costly food.

six soldiers of fortune

subject: 6にんが
predicate: あんない・される
modifier: ごちそうが・よういされた・てつの・へやに

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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