good person #6『A Christmas Mistake』

A Christmas Mistake (Learn Japanese by reading stories)

"When I'm a man," announced Teddy with dignity, "I'd just like to see you put me in the porch. And I mean to have turkey all the time and I won't give you any, either."

A Christmas Mistake

subject with particle: テディが
dictionary form predicate: いう
modifier: えらそうに


topic: おとなになったときに・ポーチにいれたら
subject: わたしは
predicate: ゆるす
modifier: あなたを

subject: わたしは
predicate: あげる
modifier: ターキーを・あなたに

"All right, you greedy small boy.

A Christmas Mistake

predicate: わかる

Only take yourself off to school now, and let us hear no more squeaks out of you.

A Christmas Mistake

predicate: いく
modifier: がっこうに

predicate: する
modifier: これいじょう・さわがしく

Tramp, all of you, and give Mother a chance to get her work done."

A Christmas Mistake

predicate: させる
modifier: かあさんに・しごとを

Mrs. Grant got up and fell to work at her dishes with a brighter face.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: ミセス・グラントは
predicate: きがはれる

"Well, we mustn't give in; perhaps things will be better after a while.

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: もしかしたら
subject: じょうきょうが
predicate: よい

I'll make a famous bread pudding, and you can boil some molasses taffy and ask those little Smithsons next door to help you pull it.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: わたしは
predicate: つくる
modifier: おいしい・パンプディングを

subject: あなたたちは
predicate: ゆでる
modifier: とうみつを
predicate: もとめる
modifier: りんじんの・スミスソンの・こどもたちに・たすけを

They won't whine for turkey, I'll be bound.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: かれらは
predicate: いう
modifier: ぐちを

I don't suppose they ever tasted such a thing in all their lives.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: かれらは
predicate: たべる
modifier: ターキーを

If I could afford it, I'd have had them all in to dinner with us.

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: もしも・よゆうがあったら
subject: わたしは
predicate: よぶ
modifier: かれらを・ディナーに

That sermon Mr. Evans preached last Sunday kind of stirred me up.

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: ミスター・エヴァンスの・おせっきょうに
subject: わたしは
predicate: えいきょう・される

He said we ought always to try and share our Christmas joy with some poor souls who had never learned the meaning of the word.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: かれは
predicate: いう
modifier: わたしたちは・クリスマスの・よろこびを・きょうゆうするべきだ

I can't do as much as I'd like to.

A Christmas Mistake


idiom: はがゆい

It was different when your father was alive."

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: あなたたちの・ちちが・いきていたときは
predicate: ちがう

Reference : Short Stories by L. M. Montgomery(project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation