Misunderstanding #4『Clever Grethel』

Clever Grethel (Learn Japanese by reading stories)

Just as she was in the middle of it the master came back.

Clever Grethel

subject with particle: マスターが
dictionary form predicate: もどる

"Make haste, Grethel," cried he, "the guest is coming directly!"

Clever Grethel

subject: かれは
predicate: しらせる
modifier: グレーテルに・ゲストが・くることを

"Very well, master," she answered, "it will soon be ready."

Clever Grethel

subject: かのじょは
predicate: こたえる
modifier: すぐに・じゅんびすると

The master went to see that the table was properly laid, and, taking the great carving knife with which he meant to carve the fowls, he sharpened it upon the step.

Clever Grethel

subject: マスターは
predicate: とぐ
modifier: りょうりぼうちょうを

Presently came the guest, knocking very genteelly and softly at the front door.

Clever Grethel

subject: ゲストが
predicate: ノック・する
modifier: げんかんを

Grethel ran and looked to see who it was, and when she caught sight of the guest she put her finger on her lip saying, "Hush! make the best haste you can out of this, for if my master catches you, it will be bad for you; he asked you to come to supper, but he really means to cut off your ears! Just listen how he is sharpening his knife!"

Clever Grethel

subject: グレーテルが
predicate: おうたい・する
modifier: ゲストに

subject: かのじょは
predicate: いう
modifier: ゲストに
modifier: マスターが・あなたのみみを・きりおとすつもりでいる

The guest, hearing the noise of the sharpening, made off as fast as he could go.

Clever Grethel

subject: ゲストは
predicate: にげる
modifier: ナイフをとぐ・おとをきいて

And Grethel ran screaming to her master.

Clever Grethel

subject: グレーテルが
predicate: ひめいをあげる・はしる

"A pretty guest you have asked to the house!" cried she.

Clever Grethel

subject: かのじょは
predicate: うったえる
modifier: マスターに・とんでもないゲストだった

"How so, Grethel? what do you mean?" asked he.

Clever Grethel

subject: マスターが
predicate: たずねる
modifier: りゆうを

"What indeed!" said she; "why, he has gone and run away with my pair of fowls that I had just dished up."

Clever Grethel

subject: グレーテルが
predicate: せつめい・する
modifier: りゆうを
modifier: ゲストが・ペアのとりにくをもって・にげた

"That's pretty sort of conduct!" said the master, feeling very sorry about the fowls; "he might at least have left me one, that I might have had something to eat."

Clever Grethel

subject: マスターが
predicate: ざんねん
modifier: ゲストが・とりにくを・かたほう・のこさなかったことを

And he called out to him to stop, but the guest made as if he did not hear him; then he ran after him, the knife still in his hand, crying out, "Only one! only one!" meaning that the guest should let him have one of the fowls and not take both, but the guest thought he meant to have only one of his ears, and he ran so much the faster that he might get home with both of them safe.

Clever Grethel

subject: マスターが
predicate: おいかける
modifier: ゲストを・ナイフをもって

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation