Miscalculation #5『Hans in luck』

Hans in luck(Learn Japanese by reading stories)

"Never mind," said Hans; "I can find a remedy. I will milk my cow at once."

Hans in luck

subject with particle: ハンスが
dictionary form predicate: たいさく・する

And tying her to a dry tree, and taking off his leather cap to serve for a pail, he began to milk, but not a drop came.

Hans in luck

subject: かれは
predicate: しぼる
modifier: うしのちちを

predicate: でる
modifier: いってきも

And as he set to work rather awkwardly, the impatient beast gave him such a kick on the head with his hind foot that he fell to the ground, and for some time could not think where he was; when luckily there came by a butcher who was wheeling along a young pig in a wheelbarrow.

Hans in luck

subject: うしが
predicate: ける
modifier: ハンスを・うしろあしで

modifier: ハンスが・たおれているところに
subject: わかいぶたをつれた・にくやが
predicate: とおりかかる

"Here's a fine piece of work!" cried he, helping poor Hans on his legs again.

Hans in luck

subject: かれが
predicate: おこす
modifier: かわいそうな・ハンスを

Then Hans related to him all that had happened; and the butcher handed him his pocket-flask, saying,

Hans in luck

modifier: ハンスが・すべてのじじょうをはなすと
subject: にくやが
predicate: てわたす
modifier: こびんを・ハンスに

"Here, take a drink, and be a man again; of course the cow would give no milk; she is old and only fit to draw burdens, or to be slaughtered."

Hans in luck

subject: そのうしは
predicate: だす
modifier: ミルクを

Reference : Household Stories, from the collection of the bros: Grimm(project gutenberg)
translated from the German by Lucy Crane
Japanese grammar and condensed translation

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