End of the world #4『A Christmas Mistake』

A Christmas Mistake (Learn Japanese by reading stories)

The little Grants stood with open mouths and horrified eyes.

A Christmas Mistake

subject with particle: グラントけの・こどもたちが
dictionary form predicate: ぼうぜん

No turkey for Christmas!

A Christmas Mistake

subject: ターキーが
predicate: ない

Was the world coming to an end?

A Christmas Mistake

subject: せかいが
predicate: おわる

Wouldn't the government interfere if anyone ventured to dispense with a Christmas celebration?

A Christmas Mistake

subject: クリスマスの・しゅくがかいが
predicate: きまり
modifier: ほうりつで

The gluttonous Teddy stuffed his fists into his eyes and lifted up his voice. 

A Christmas Mistake

subject: テディが
predicate: なく

Keith, who understood better than the others the look on his mother's face, took his blubbering young brother by the collar and marched him into the porch.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: キースが
modifier: おとうとを・そとに

The twins, seeing the summary proceeding, swallowed the outcries they had intended to make, although they couldn't keep a few big tears from running down their fat cheeks.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: ふたごが
predicate: なみだする

Mrs. Grant looked pityingly at the disappointed faces about her.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: ミセス・グラントは
predicate: かなしい

Reference : Short Stories by L. M. Montgomery(project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation