reconciliation #17『A Christmas Mistake』

A Christmas Mistake (Learn Japanese by reading stories)

When Mrs. Grant and her family arrived at the yellow house next morning Miss Cornelia herself ran out bareheaded to meet them.

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: よくあさ
subject with particle: ミス・コーネリアは
dictionary form predicate: でむかえる
modifier: みずから・ミセス・グラントと・かのじょのかぞくを

The two women shook hands a little stiffly and then a rill of long-repressed affection trickled out from some secret spring in Miss Cornelia's heart and she kissed her new-found old friend tenderly.

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: よそよそしい・あくしゅのあと
subject: ミス・コーネリアは
predicate: キスする
modifier: かんきわまって・ゆうじんに

Linda returned the kiss warmly, and both felt that the old-time friendship was theirs again.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: リンダも
predicate: キスする

subject: ふたりは
predicate: かんじる
modifier: しんゆうに・もどった

The little Smithsons all came and they and the little Grants sat down on the long bright dining room to a dinner that made history in their small lives, and was eaten over again in happy dreams for months.

A Christmas Mistake

modifier: こどもたちにとって
subject: それは
predicate: ゆめのような・しょくじかい

How those children did eat! And how beaming Miss Cornelia and grim-faced, soft-hearted Hannah and even the absent-minded teacher himself enjoyed watching them!

A Christmas Mistake

subject: ミス・コーネリアと・ハンナと・せんせいは
predicate: うれしい
modifier: よろこぶ・こどもたちをみて

After dinner Miss Cornelia distributed among the delighted little souls the presents she had bought for them, and then turned them loose in the big shining kitchen to have a taffy pull—and they had it to their hearts' content!

A Christmas Mistake

subject: こどもたちは
predicate: もらう
modifier: ミス・コーネリアから・プレゼントを

subject: こどもたちは
predicate: ひっぱる
modifier: キッチンで・あめを

And as for the shocking, taffyfied state into which they got their own rosy faces and that once immaculate domain—well, as Miss Cornelia and Hannah never said one word about it, neither will I.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: 私は
predicate: だまる
modifier: こどもたちが・やりすぎたことについて

The four women enjoyed the afternoon in their own way, and the schoolteacher buried himself in algebra to his own great satisfaction.

A Christmas Mistake

subject: おとなたちは
predicate: おもいおもいに・すごす

Reference : Short Stories by L. M. Montgomery(project gutenberg)
Japanese grammar and condensed translation